A Safari Tour

Hyderaad India

Believe it or not, when I started this blog I wanted it to have a heavy focus on travel …  because I love travel and the places I’ve been. That’s clearly not the direction my blog is heading but every now and again I’ll pop in on a Saturday with a post about places I’ve been to. I wrote about India several times on this blog but I realized that I never shared pictures from the Safari Tour we took when we went to the Zoo. The name of the Zoo we visited was the Nehru Zoological Park and it was located In Hyderabad of course. 

This will be a post mainly of photos as the photos speak for themselves. It was a lovely day and it was the only place that I saw elephants on my entire trip to India. I love elephants. When we got to the Zoo we hopped onto a caged bus that took us on a Safari tour. At some point the tour ended and we were able to walk around the Zoo admiring the animals that were in enclosures.

Enjoy the photos!

Our taxi to the Park – most cars had a bunch of limes hanging from the front …

Hyderabad India

Ticket Stub – I keep ticket stubs for places when I travel …

Ride around the non-Safari portion of the park carrying kids. They all waved at us!


White tigers are so beautiful …

That was my last post about India!

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Hope you all are having a fabu weekend!!


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