Busy Bee

Well look who is showing up to her blog today. Guys I did not read blogs all weekend, including Friday, and I haven’t responded to last Wednesday’s blog comments. I will, but I haven’t yet because boy was this ever a busy end of week/weekend. Essentially this was my week last week….

Let’s start with Thursday shall we. Remember on Wednesday when I said my intern was doing well now? Famous last words. On Thursday on my way to work I phone the intern and asked him if he was in San Fernando (city 45 minutes away from my office). He said no, he was at our normal office as we had court in Port-of-Spain. I asked him to go to into my office, check my desk diary and double check that we have court in Port-of-Spain (where my office is) and not in San Fernando. He assured me we did. I got to my office and my boss was not there. I phoned my boss, no answer, so I emailed him. While carrying on with my business I got an email and opened it to see the words “where the hell are you guys?” … Guess where we were supposed to be (and yes this happened before but it was my fault and my hearing the last time) … Anyway, my boss wanted us there, So I sped with the my two passengers in tow, the intern  and the palpable tension you could have cut with a knife, in my car and when we got to the correct courthouse. Long story short I never got home from work until after 6 pm.

And I went out immediately afterwards … ergo … no Friday blog.

Friday, after another long work day, we had the Wine and Cheese cocktail party I mentioned on Wednesday. It was so lovely as usual. And yes I had wine (red wine per some of you guys suggestions). It was fun and just what I needed but it was also another long day! I never got home until 10pm. Lawyers and their wine … 

Saturday I spent all day doing my hair for my friends bachelorrete party and a band launch for Carnival next year. Carnival is in February, but Carnival bands launch/showcase their costumes early and there are huge Carnival band launch parties in the ‘summer’. The bachelorrete and her crew, myself included all went to the band launch and we partied until 4 am … Guys maybe its because of the busy days before but I just can’t hang like I used to. But drinks were had and fun was abundant. Most, importantly, the bachelorrete had a great time and I can’t wait for her wedding next weekend!!!

Also, bad blogger alert … these were all the pics I took from the bachelorrete party and the band launch.

One blurry (and sweaty) Iphone pic of me and my bestie Nads (whose eyebrow game was on point) and another friend … not including the bachelorrete. Yes I suck.

And these blurry pics of some of the costumes at the band launch fete … I need to basically starve myself to fit in one of these naked costumes next year… 

This was the theme song for the weekend. Take a listen you may like it … frankly, if you don’t dance while listening to this, there is something wrong ha! Even miss priss here can jam to this tune.

Naturally I slept most of Sunday and went out briefly Sunday night so I promise I’ll get to all unread blogs and comments soon!

What did you guys do this weekend?

Have a Great Monday guys!!



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