Well hello there Wednesday you got here quickly. I’m writing this at 1 am because I’m still awake. So this will be a rush job, I’m just warning you. Since I’m on a little ‘get my tiny self a little bit healthier’ kick, I thought my confessions should focus on that today. Jumping right in…

1. I have packed lunch every day for the last two or three weeks with the exception of last Friday. Which also means I actually have been cooking. It’s amazing! Two wins: I don’t have to spend money and I know exactly what I’m eating! Lets hope I can keep it up.

2So Friday (the only day I didn’t pack lunch), I had fast food. Well … fried chicken with a salad. You can tell I’ve been eating super clean for weeks because my tummy 100% did not like the fried chicken and rejected it … you can use your imagination. 

3. With the exception of some lean shakes I drink, the only other liquid that I intake (for now) is water. Remember when I complained about drinking a gallon a day? Well I’m eating my words because I’m drinking maybe more than that. Who knew water tasted so good?! I definitely don’t want to go back to drinking soda, but my wine days shall soon return …

4. I cancelled on my friends who wanted to drink and watch the Brazil/Germany game today (sidenote: what an absolute upset of a game) just so I wouldn’t be tempted to drink a days worth of calories in scotch. I love scotch and today I refused scotch. Who am I?

5. I missed an entire 10 minutes of the world cup game this afternoon because I stopped to buy two new (really cute) water bottles for workouts and home. Yup.

No really where is the Krystal?

Have a great Wednesday guys!

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