Faves of the week

How is it already the 11th of July? Didn’t this month just begin? I Literally think the days are flying by! I also think I should stop using the word literally so much. 

Anyway, despite the devastation that was Brazil’s loss this week, I managed to have a pretty ok week and so here are my Faves of the week!

Fave moments

Hmm well I’m writing this at 12 am and I just came off the favourite moment of the week … I went for a drive and a drink and then just chilled. One of my fave nights in a long time. Really tried hard not to drink though. I started with water and lime. Some vodka (very little) may have been splashed in there during the course of the night… All in all a great and pretty interesting night and even better since I’m doing it all again tomorrow.

Also, so many online shopping splurges arrived this week and I felt like it I had a mini Christmas! (In case you are wondering, I have a Florida US PO box address that I set up through a company here. I ship things from the US to that address and then the company delivers it to my doorstep. Don’t worry its legal and It’s called a Skybox. So if I order with one day shipping it gets to that address in one day and to me about 4 days later. Easy Paeasy.) Anyhoo, so I got some dresses I ordered delivered and I got this little gem:

Erin Condren Life Planner - Favorite Things

I already have an Erin Condren Take note notebook that I use as a journal from and so I decided to splurge on the journal for my blog and for life… but more the blog since my phone basically plans my life! (Shameless plug: if you want your own Erin Condren you can order here and get $10 off. Everyone gets a referral link when they purchase through her site.)

Fave recipe

Eating healthy doesn’t mean what you eat has to be boring. So thanks to Emily for this recipe!

Found here

Fave TV Show

The Bachelorette! It was hometown week in boring bachelorette-ville this week. so why is it my fave? … No its not Andi and its not even Josh… but Josh has a brother! Dear Lord help us all there are two of them! Dare I say his brother may even be cuter!

Fave funnies

Steph posted this on her blog this week and I couldn’t stop laughing because its soooo me!

I threw in some funnies because of the Bazil v Germany slaughter. Even though I was thoroughly devasted, I about peed my pants watching these memes.

Fave song

Throwback …

Whatever You Like by T.I. on Grooveshark

That’s all I got for you all today… it’s late and I have an early day.

Happy Friday!!




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