I’m ready to party.

I feel like I’m a broken record because I say this every week but how is it already Wednesday?! I mean … the week just started! Anyhoo, I missed confessing last week and although I am literally swamped with work, I just couldn’t miss two in a row… A girl needs to confess.

1. I have a bachelorette party on Saturday and I’m incredibly excited about it. One of my best girl pals from law school is getting married to her high school sweetheart next week! I actually cannot wait for this bachelorette. That’s an understatement. I. AM. STOKED.

2. Speaking of weddings, I actually have two weddings in a row to attend. One next Saturday and one the Saturday immediately after. I ordered four dresses because … a girl likes to have choices. Only two have arrived and I’m not sold on either. If I’m not in love with the other two when they arrive … welp I guess this will be me … 

3. I have not drank a sip of alcohol (save for the splash of vodka week before last) in weeks and I can’t tell you how bloody excited I am to get a sip at the bachelorette party on Saturday. Ill try to keep the alcohol to a minimum since I’ve been on such a health kick a
nd I don’t want to waste my calories on liquor at least until I reach my goal. But I guarantee you at least a glass of wine is happening because … 

4. Speaking of not drinking, I’m going to be tested on Friday night as well! The law term is coming to a close pretty soon and at the end of the law term, the law association hosts a ‘Wine and Cheese’ social where lawyers basically gather, hob knob, gossip, drink wine and eat cheese. Ok, so there is a lot more than cheese. Actually there’s always pretty good food which is the problem! This event is happening this Friday night and while it usually is something to look forward to, I just cant help but feel that someone is plotting against me being fit and healthy. Because let me tell, after a very stressful law term, Ill find it extremely difficult to sip water while everyone else is all … 

5. On another note … I really hope no one googles wine and cheese and law association and stumbles on my blog because I do not need to be a topic of conversation on Friday. HA! No seriously, I don’t need this happening…

6.Finally, remember the intern I mentioned several times in the last couple months. He’s grown on me! Turns out he isn’t that bad and I might even call us friends at this point. He is actually a real health nut and he is going to train me Saturday morning in the gym. Treat your interns well people, they might have secret side gigs as trainers and will train you for free! Hey, free is always good especially when you are planning a trip to Australia later in the year. 

That’s all I got for ya! 

Have a great Wednesday guys!!!

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