It was a good week …

I started my week with a fender bender but in spite of that its been a good (but very busy) one! I almost didn’t blog today because I’m exhausted, happily exhausted, but since I missed Confessions on Wednesday, I couldn’t miss Friday also … so here goes nothing.

Fave moment

This week I hung out with an old friend of mine several times. This boy was my best male friend in my teens and much of my twenties. These were my favourite moments of the week without a doubt. You know when you have a friend that no matter how much time passes it seems natural and normal to be around that person. Well that was me and my best friend this week. Ironically, I gave a funny story about him just last week in this blog post … At the time of writing that post, I hadn’t spoken to him in a year partly because both of our then significant others thought we were too close and partly because he spends most of his year away in medical school. On Sunday night I got a message on my phone. It read ‘hey’ and it was from Dale (who is home for the summer) and over the next maybe 4 hours we got all caught up on our lives over the last year and by the next day when we hung out, it was like zero time had passed since I last saw him. Loved all the moments this week that I got to spend with Dale :).

Fave blog post

My favourite blog post of the week was by my girl Alyssa. In this post “Life with Endo” she spoke about a topic that so many women should educate themselves about. I’m so glad she wrote about it!

Fave Book

Currently reading this book and its the book of the month for the book club! (We post a review on the last Thursday of the month).

Fave Show

Ladies of London on Bravo! I am not sure why I love this show so much but I just do. Maybe because I love London and I could see myself living there so easily.

Fave Scent

This has been one of my most constant scents for a while now. I noticed today that my bottle is finishing and so I ordered a new one! 

Fave Funnies


Love this one …

I loathe bad grammar

Soooo true … 

haha truth ..

Coffee saves lives people

Fave Song

Like I said in the blog post last week, me and the best friend from above had a song since we were maybe 14 years old. So in honour of the week …

You by Jessie Powell on Grooveshark

Happy Friday!!



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