Secrets of Blogging tag.

The weekend is over already?! I actually had a good weekend and last week was a good week also. I say hooray for great, relaxing weekends. 

Last week Nats, from Coral Tinted Perceptions (love her blog name), tagged me to do a Secrets of Blogging post. Thanks Nats!!! I’ve not been blogging for very long honestly and I most certainly don’t follow most of the blogging ‘rules’, so I’m not sure that I qualify to give advice but I’ll sure try! 

Also, this is going to be one of my more open and frank posts. Possibly the most open and frank post I’ve ever published. I overshare quite a lot on this blog, but I do keep a  part of my life just off the blog. Ill share a tidbit of that in this post.

a. When did you start blogging and why?

I’ve been asked this question so many times. Ill give the long version of the answer for the very first time today. I started blogging in February 2014. I had read many many blogs before that and I decided to go for it. The catalyst for me ‘going for it’ was my sister being very ill in January and February of this year. My brain needed an escape and so I wrote 5 posts in February and 2 posts in the first few days of March which I guarantee you no one read. No really, I don’t think a person read them. Then I wrote nothing for one month. Silence. Between March 7th and April 3rd I wrote not one post, and that’s because I physically could not write a word. I lost my sister (and best friend) to Kidney disease in March of this year ... Some of you already knew this, but I’ve really only blogged about it once. I re-emerged in April with a new name and dove head first into blogging which became my outlet of escape if you will. I can say without a doubt that in April particularly, this blog is the only place where my ‘real’ fun and bubbly, pre-March personality, was shown. In person, I was insufferable. Ask my ex! I’m happy to report that I’m now getting back to myself. Sooooooo … the answer to this question (finally … brevity clearly isn’t my strong suit) is this … the reason I started blogging was because I loved reading other blogs and I love to write. The reason I continue to blog is because it served as a really good distraction during a really dark time and I fell in love with it. And now you know why this quote means so much to me:

b. How many people in your “real” life know about your blogging?

My parents and my sister who lives in Australia know about my blog. My mum and sis read it all of the time actually and my sister comments regularly (love her)! I love my daddy but he hates computers/technology and so I just show him posts when I want him to read them haha. My bestie Nads knows about the blog and knows the URL while my other bffs like Alicia, Whitney, and Dale, know I have a blog but no URL has been given yet. Ha!

c. What are your favourite posts to read?

This is a tough one. I love funny posts, posts about real life happenings, beauty and fashion posts, travel posts and even mummy posts. Nothing is really off limits for me to read. If I were to chose though it would be funny and real life posts where you get to know the person behind the blog. I also love fashion posts and I might secretly wish I had the time, dedication and talent to be a fashion blogger. 

d. List a blog you’ve recently found 

My more recent loves are Shelby from Recent Somethings and Christina from Sold Out arenas! Go love on these sweet ladies. Of course just check out the sidebar for all those ladies whose blogs I have been loving on for some time now as well!

e. Which posts are you most proud of?

I love this post about my mama and this one about my daddy and this confessions post about my childhood! I have a post in draft that I am really proud of but have not yet published. I got a replica tattoo of my sister’s in the same place that she had it. I added her name to the tattoo. Ill post it someday.

f. Any advice for future blogs?

My first advice would be to read blogs and get a feel for what blogging is. I read blogs for maybe a year before starting my own. When you finally start your own I would advise that you read and comment on other blogs for exposure. My biggest piece of advice though is not to be fake, be you in everything you do. Don’t try to imitate anyone because it will get you nowhere fast. I know that the bloggers I love (like Amanda, Alyssa, Jessi, Kristin, Kathy, Whitney and many many more) are themselves no matter what! That being said, keep your crazy at bay. Finally just go for it, dont think too hard, its not life or death, its a blog!

Ill conclude this portion of this post by saying I am fairly certain that whoever started this tag intended for this to be fun and I just crapped all over the fun police with my first answer didn’t I?! Sorry bout that. I’m not tagging anyone in particular but go for it if you want to do this tag… and for Christ’s sake don’t make it as depressing as I did! HA!

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Last weeks goals

1. Sleep earlier – Steups. This is a Trini word – and if you want to know the meaning you can click here.

2. Write – Got nada done last week 

3. Ditch the calamity Jane shtick!!!!!! – Yesssss I ditched calamity Jane

This weeks goals

1. Sleep earlier 

2. Clean – although Ive been doing a pretty good job in this department lately I want to keep it up.

3. Work out at least 4 times this week!

P.S. I turned off comments for the same reason I don’t write about my sister. I’ve heard enough ‘condolences’ for one year or a century. I hope you understand. For those who did not know and would have loved to leave a nice message of encouragement, thank you and I promise I’m ok! 🙂

Have a great Monday and week Guys!!!



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