Wardrobe must haves!

I admire fashion bloggers. They have such style and it must take a lot of time to compile material and compose posts. I could never be a fashion blogger as I don’t have the dedication. That said, I love to dress and apparently I love to spend money on clothes. There are some items that are just staples in my wardrobe at all times. So I replenish these items on a regular. I think there are some things that are must haves for every girls closets.

1. Black dress – Must have for every girls closet! I have tooo many at this point but that’s because I wear black almost exclusively. I know, I know …

2. Shorts – I live in shorts. Once I’m not not in work I’m in shorts. 

3. Cardigan – I love cardigans. I don’t live in a temperate climate with several seasons but cardigans for nights out where it might get chilly, are just the best.

4. Simple Tanks – Another must have in every girl’s closet and I have several.

5. Skirt – Short skirts for nights out are the best aren’t they? 

6. Black suit – I’m a lawyer and they don’t call us black suits for nothing.

1. Flip flops – For those in other countries this is a summer must. For me its an all year round must!

2. Wedges – For nights out where heels just wont do!

3. Pumps – Every girl needs at least one good pump! This is where my colour comes in!

4. Trainers – For exercising and running of course.

1. Clutch – We all need to dress up at one point or another. A cute clutch makes the outfit.

2. Large handbag – More for work than anything else. But a larger handbag for all the random stuff is a must have. Again, this is where my colour comes in!

3. Small handbag – For everyday heading out of the house use. 

Shades – Confession … I wear shades every day of life. Every day! I feel naked without them.

These are the things I think we all as girls should have in our closets. What do you think? What would you add?

Have a great day guys!!!



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