A weekend beauty haul.

So I wrote my 100th post and then abandoned the blog for days. Typical. I am back though and its the eve of the best day on the planet. My Birthday. Except that this year I wont be celebrating much and if Im honest I’ve got the birthday blues. That does not in any way take away from the fact that it is the best day of the year though!

What do you do to get rid of the birthday blues? You spend money that’s what you do. You shop. And if you really want to get rid of the birthday blues, you shop for stuff to make you pretty. Anyway on to what I bought.

All the items:

It wasn’t a very expensive haul. I am generally a loyal MAC girl but I didn’t make it to the MAC store and I wanted some options to dress myself up for the day even though all I have planned is breakfast with the parents. Also I know there is one questionable item in the pic above and Ill explain the reason for the purchase below.

Jordana Lip out Loud #104 -BFF

Jordana Lip out Loud #103 – XOXO

Maybelline Fifth Ave Fuchsia 160

Maybelline Luminous Lilac Color Elixir 030

L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes 

(I have this already but needed to replace it)

Crest 3D Whitestrips 

Phillips Milk of Magnesia

I love all the items so far. I did try them all just for kicks and they are all cute. I already own the Voluinous million lashes but mine needed to be replaced since it was drying up. So now for the million dollar question. Why did I include a ummm … laxative in my beauty haul?  I find that when I apply my makeup I tend to become oily underneath and before to long my makeup does not look as fresh as it should. So I googled and youtubed solutions. It is alleged that a little application of Mr. Phillips up there can prevent that problem. We shall see. Anyone else heard of this? Or used it? 

Before I clipped all the items to Polyvore I actually took a picture of the haul … so here is the courtesy iPhone pic … failed attempt at photo staging and all :).

I did purchase one other item but totally forgot to include it … I bought this nail colour:

Sally Hansen Insta-dri – Instant Iris 480

PS – I absolutely love that nail colour and it really does dry VERY quickly!!!

What do you think of my haul? I didn’t bust the budget or anything. All pharmacy items and reasonably priced (save for the crest and the Sally Hansen). It didn’t completely wipe away the birthday blues but it sure did help!!

Today I have a spa appointment for a Brazilian (TMI … and also ouch)  after which I will shop for an outfit to wear on my Birthday tomorrow, for the simple fact that I buy myself an outfit every year. On Friday, me and my mummy (yes mummy) are heading for mani pedis together. Beauty and Birthdays just go together.

Did you splurge on anything this weekend?



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