Another weekend, another wedding!

So another weekend has passed and there was another wedding. My friend and fellow attorney got married this weekend.  I promise Ill hold off on the wedding posts after this one. Ill be honest weddings give me mixed feelings. I’m ecstatic for my friends and colleagues getting married but knowing I would have been planning my own around now, makes me a little sad.. Still, I adore weddings and it is what it is! This particular wedding was at a golf course and just beautful! 

So lets get to the photos!!!! Obligatory selfies before I leave since I take it in better lighting and my makeup is fresh. I tried a muter red lip than last week and liked it even better. Also … Good news! My eyebrows look great! 

Moving on … Like I said, both the ceremony and the reception was held at a golf course and when you parked, guests were picked up by golf carts and zipped over to the ceremony area!

Waiting on the bride. I am not in love with this pic but hey, my beautiful bestie is in it so it stays. And yes I am always in black haha

The ceremony was non-denominational or not religious… I don’t know what you call it. Either way it was short and sweet. Literally they said ‘I do’ within 5 minutes of her walking down the aisle. Like I said above, the ceremony was outdoors and thank heavens I remembered to wear wedges! Each guest was given a fan and I thought that was so cute! 

Muddy feet and shoes… It didnt rain but the place was still a little mushy … Sigh

Le bride … She was a little more fancied up than I’d expect for an outdoor wedding but she looked absolutely gorgeous! I loved her veil!

The reception was just a gold cart ride away and was aboslutely beautiful! The tables surrounded a beautiful pool and the head table was directly in front of the pool. It looked stunning at nightfall!

Also … I might be obsessed with center pieces …

Probably my absolutely favourite part of the wedding was the photo booth!!!! Guys my wedding WILL have a photo booth, I will nix random costs just to have one. The groom better agree because it. is. happening.

I could add a lot more photos but I think you guys may just get bored! Sooooo that’s it! My next wedding is in August and in Australia (my cousin). So fingers crossed I am still going … 

Have a great Monday Guys!!!



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