Birthday Shenanigans

**First off I’d like to say that I’m aware that it is the last Thursday of the month and therefore its supposed to be book review day. However, Kari and I decided to push the book review to next week to give the winner of the giveaway the chance to read the book. If you wrote your post today, no worries next week you can link it up on Kari’s blog!

Ok… can we address what a bad blogger I have been this month? I really have to chalk it up to the fact that August is my birth month and I really had no energy to blog this month. Another reason? My contract for work comes to an end soon (I’m renewing it but hoping to get another job) and I saved up almost all of my days vacation days to take all at once at the end of my contract. So basically Ill be on vacation for a really long time which is why I am able to take such a long trip starting September 20th. The downside is I have a LOT of work to complete before then. 

So what’d I do for my birthday? Monday on my Birthday Eve I got went to the spa and got a wax…. in that area no woman should probably wax but I torture myself anyway. Then it was off to lunch with my lovely friend Ali. Not a fancy lunch people. Just Ruby Tuesdays. Also I am clearly losing my touch because two drinks into lunch I was a little tipsy. Who am I? 

I drink like a dude. Always…

We went shopping for an extraordinarily long time after, causing me to spend money. Again. But it was a lovely Birthday Eve with my girlie.

On my actual Birthday I went to Breakfast with the parentals aka my favourite people in the world. Breakfast with an ocean view? Yes please. There is no time for clean eating on your birthday. None. I didn’t even attempt it! Also two mimosas with breakfast is normal on your birthday right? Totes. 

No I could not finish it all …

Breakfast dessert? Thanks to Hyatt for always knowing how to treat a lady right!

After breakfast I did exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of the day, drink wine and relax. Not the most exciting day, but the day I wanted. It was back to work Wednesday for me and it was a lot of work to go back to … so excuse my absence for a couple of days Ill be rearing to go by next week!

I found this quote on my birthday and I decided this should be the motto for my next year!

I could definitely stand to work on some of these!

Have a great Thursday guys!



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