Confessions – The 100th blog post edition

While reading blogs before starting my own I’d always see people blogging about their 100th blog post. When I started my own I somehow never thought I’d get here or at least not this quick. But here I am 100 posts in. Yes I bolded that, because frankly it boggles my mind that I’ve written one hundred of them. 

As it’s Wednesday, I have a big confession. If blogging was a class I’d flunk it. And here is why …

1. I think Blogging is weird – I mean the act of blogging itself is weird. Particularly ‘lifestyle’ blogging which is the category I’d probably fall into. I pride myself on being a private person in my real life yet I come on here day after day and type for the world to see my day to day life. That breakup I wrote I about a few months ago? You knew about it before my co-workers and some of my friends. That my friends, is odd. But you do it too. And it’s weird. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but its still weird.

2. I love bloggy lingo like ‘Link-up’, ‘blog hop’, ‘giveaway’ and the like. I know non-blogging readers probably think that its odd, I did too way back when, but I’ve come to love them … with the exception of one word … sponsors … Who came up with that word? I actually hate it. and I rarely use the word ‘hate’. But really, why not ‘advertise’? The history student in me wants to research it’s origin in the bloggy world. I’m a tiny fish in this big pond, so I know this word isn’t going anywhere, but … I kinda wish it would disappear.  (Just the word … not the concept). There I said it.

3. 99% 100% of my photos are taken with my Iphone. No fancy shmancy camera over here. This here blog sits firmly at the corner of selfie-ville and bad-flash with grainy photos street. Since Ill be schlepping myself to Australia and all over the US later this year and in the process basically watching my poor bank account cry … I don’t foresee this changing in the foreseeable future. Still I don’t think my phone takes that bad of a pic. Just look at these photos I took yesterday while at lunch with 3 other attorneys… not bad I say.

And yes I ate sushi two days in a row!

4. I rarely cook. I mean now that I eat much cleaner than I used to, I do ‘cook’ but its most certainly not ‘share a recipe with the blog’ worthy. Let’s face it, a salad really only involves a George Foreman grill for the meat and a fork for the greens. Therefore I have shared exactly zero recipe photos on this blog. Just as well since I’m not sure my iPhone would do a good job of photographing it. Maybe one day in the future.

5. I have a personal Instagram account and that Instagram is in no way connected to this blog. And never will be. I actually created an Instagram for this blog and literally forget to post anything on it. Since Instagram is the new mini-blog, Id say this qualifies as an insta-fail for me. I also tweet more frequently on my original twitter and my personal facebook gets no love so I wont even create one for the blog.

6.  Lets not even start the convo on fashion posts. I actually LOVE fashion and make-up (I think if you read here regularly you would know this) but have I posted a full body shot of myself in an outfit? Nope. I’m 4’10.5″ with boobs and a bum … a fashion model, I am not.

All jokes aside though (yes I can be serious), I do love this space of mine on the internet. I get to be my sarcastic self and do something that I love often. Write! I also get to connect with all of you lovelies, which is 100% the best part of this whole blogging experience. In fact, I love not only writing my own blogs, but reading yours as well. So thank you all for visiting my blog when I post,  for coming back to see what I have to say, even when I don’t have much to say and for making my first 100 posts so enjoyable to write. Hashtag totes emosh. But really, its because of you guys that I think Ill stick around a while longer. At least 100 more posts.

What do you think 😉

Have a great Wednesday guys!!

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