Hey its ok – Vol #1

August really insists on flying by doesn’t it. Heck its the 12 and this is what, my 5th post for the month? I feel like I blinked and half the month was gone.

Anyhoosle, Some time ago, I did a guest post for Emily when she was on vacation. It was patterned after a regular series in Glamour magazine called ‘Hey its ok’. So nope the concept ain’t mine! I love that series and I loved writing that first post soooo every now and again I think Ill pop in and do one … I just wrote ‘do one’ I crack myself up!

 to decide on a whim to send out a million resumes because you need a change in your job. I don’t hate my job, I just want something different, a change if you will.

 to completely fall off your fitness regimen and eat and drink crap two weekends in a row… because weddings. 

to miss the gym and said fitness regimen 

 to be looking forward to a weekend of no make-up, no pants and sweet TV

 to not care that your birthday is in two weeks because it means you will be 29 freaking years old. Like WTF!

 to turn 29, because no one thinks you look older than 23 anyway …

 to wonder what the heck you will be doing for said birthday since the last 4 years you spent it with him… who is no longer in your life. I think Ill sleep.

to miss the intern you bashed relentlessly on the blog ha!

to be up at 2 am writing a blog post like a crazy person because court is out and you can roll into work tomorrow whenever you wake up. It doesn’t happen everyday. It really is ok.

to be excited to take over a month of vacation from September because you bloody earned it dammit.

to be completely gutted when an actor passes away especially when you watched a movie he acted in every afternoon after school for maybe a year. Mrs. Doubtfire will always be one of my fave movies. RIP Robin Williams. 

Happy Tuesday Folks!



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