Monday night Sushi and Unicorns.

Sometimes your bloggy week starts on a Tuesday, because your weekend was full of relaxation and you really have nothing to recap on a Monday. But then on a Monday you find yourself in a totally random mood and you and one of your bffs end up eating sushi and drinking wine and just like that boom … Blogworthy material. By ‘you’ of course I mean me. 

So Alicia (I’ve mentioned her many a time on this here blog) and I, were in the mood for sushi yesterday. I would say after ‘work’ but I’d be lying because this random run began at 7:30 pm. And yes, as I type this after 12 am, I am fully aware that I have work in the morning. I live life on the edge. Evidently.

Ali is my riding buddy, a ride or die if you will, and because she lives basically 5 minutes away from me, we often take these random late night trips. I remember back in the day, maybe 8 or 9 years ago when we we young and free (kinda old these days), we would hit the club until 5 am and still make it to class for 8. Gone are those days but we still have a little living in us yet.

This would be me two glasses in … please excuese my shnouser. It looks extraordinarily huge.

And Ali … (damn iphone and its totally awks flash feature). You would never guess she had major surgery just weeks ago.

Btw I have some rocking bffs … she cleans up well no?

What we ate … we had two rolls each and were rolly pollys by the time we were done. At least I was. Alicia and rolly polly should really not be in the same sentence.

Anyhoo … we had a blast, and maybe one glass of wine too many, as evidenced by this little question that literally dominated our conversation for a good 15 minutes.

In case you are wondering, because of course you are, no unicorns cannot fly. Allegedly, it is Pegasus, the greek mythical creature that flies. Unicorns walk … They. walk. Allegedly.

Sidenote – then what the Francine is the point of a unicorn if it walks? Its basically a horse with a weirdly placed horn. It should be sent to the Fringes (name that book!) and not revered. Something to think about.

Double sidenote – I wasted a lot of breath talking about, and a lot of blog space writing about, a creature that does not exist. Allegedly. First class attorney over here. 

Enough randomness for one day night. What did you guys do on your Monday night?

I hope you guys have a great Tuesday!!! 



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