Tomorrow is Sleep-a-day!

Before I jump into my post I have to say, naming posts are incredibly mind boggling. It might just be the hardest part of any post for me… I mean I named yesterday’s post “Who wants a book?” … Really?! I cant even! 

Anyway, it’s Friday! And you know what that means … Tomorrow is Saturday or as I’m calling it, Sleep-a-day …  I fully intend to sleep as much as humanly possible. Anyways time to share some faves …

Fave moment 

I don’t know what the weather is like where you guys are, but man yesterday was a really dreary and rainy day. I took a picture while driving. I know, I know, I got a lecture from my mum already … It’s unsafe. But man this is what the road looked like…

After driving all day on roads looking like that, I spent the evening watching some nonsense shows like dating naked (dumbest show ever) with my best male bud. Laughs and TV. Anything better? Nope.

Fave Show

Has anyone else watched this show? I love it even though the concept is way out there. Basically, couples are matched based on their psychology, sociology, spirituality etc and they meet for the first time at the altar. The show currently follows three couples. Its a good show. If you can, you should take a watch.

Fave Fash Finds

I might be obsessed with rompers. Love these cute Forever 21 rompers. I really need to stop myself since my travel plans this year mean I really should not be spending any money. Like … at all. But who could really resist these?

Found here

                                                Found here                                                                       Found here

Fave blog posts

I might be biased since I love the pants off these two ladies but one of these posts made me proud and one made me almost shed a tear! Loved these two posts.

Alyssa – My Romance Bone is Broken & Other Revealing Things – This was Alyssa’s 100th blog post! Yay and congrats Alysaa 🙂

Kristen – What’s in MY blog name? – Quite possibly the sweetest post I’ve read in a while. If you have a moment you should go read it and see why Kris chose such a unique and sweet name for her blog.

Fave funnies

My sister sent me this picture this week. Guys … I nearly choked laughing.  

Every single song on my current playlist …


I’m just going to go ahead and assume that no one who reads this blog wears these… haha (If you do I still love ya but seriously … stop)

But really who eats the yellow ones …

Fave song

Heard this song for the first time in a LONG time yesterday and I dunno … I’m in this kind of mood.

Back for Good by Take That on Grooveshark

Happy Friday Guys!!!



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