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Is it really September? August flew by. Although it was my birthday month I cant say that I’m too upset. In about 19 days I’ll be hopping a flight clear to the other side of the world. Not too shabby September. Anyway, my sweet friend Alyssa got nominated for a Leibster this week and she posted a Q&A in response to that Leibster and tagged everyone. I love the questions she posted and since I had no planned post for today I said why not. We all know I love a good Q&A.

And since I have nothing else to babble about in this intro lets jump right in …

1. What’s the coolest/most interesting thing that has happened since you started your blog?

I could talk about the opportunities that his blog brings and that is actually quite cool, but the absolute coolest thing that has happened is the friendships, true friendships I have made. I know that is cliché but it is true! I’m looking at you Alyssa, Kari and Deb… and many others actually. You guys are gems!

Also every now and again I get an email from a complete stranger telling me they love my blog and they connect with me. I genuinely appreciate every one of them and in the days that I question why do I blog? They give me the extra motivational kick. 

2. Smooth or crunchy peanut butter? 

I actually don’t eat peanut butter very often but I actually like both types. In fact I love peanuts and I got that love from my father. So the crunchy peanut butter does not bother me in the least. 
3. Who would play you in a movie about your life? 

I would like to think I’m cool enough for Kerry Washington to play me in a movie of my life. I’m probably not, but that is my answer and I’m sticking to it.


4. What do you wish you could tell your 16-year-old self? 

First I would say slow the eff down. What is the hurry, you’ll have more than enough craziness in your 20’s, no need to rush.

And then I’d say listen … don’t sweat the small stuff just …

(Still have not watched this movie. heh)

5. If you could look ahead to the future, knowing you could do nothing to change the outcome, would you and why/why not? 

I would, just so I would stop worrying or wondering if I would ever get married and have the babies that I want. Baby fever on 100 over here. 
6. One-way plane ticket in your hands right now to anywhere in the world. Would you take it and where would you go? 

Hmmm … I have a two way ticket to Australia in my hands at the moment. One way ticket though? I’m not sure I’d take it, I love to travel and I will continue to do so multiple times a year, but I cannot even consider living far away from my parents. That would literally destroy me. Its not an option.

If my parents would go with me though, it might be London or Australia but only because my sister is there otherwise it is just way too far from everything I know and love. 
7. Show us your favourite post you’ve written! 

Well, actually this changes quite regularly. But since I’m answering these questions today I would have to say that yesterday’s post is my current favourite. I was super nervous to post it (and read the comments) because I didn’t think anyone would care, but I love my country and not many of you knew it even existed. I had to give it some love for Independence day 🙂 
8. What’s the worst part about blogging?

This question can get me into trouble cant it? Last week I was really busy and it was also my birthday week. As a result I didn’t read many (read: any) blogs or comment on any for that matter. I didn’t even read the comments on my own blog. I opened by Bloglovin feed on Sunday and there were over 300 unread blogs and 60+ comments to respond to on my own posts from last week. When I saw those number I legit felt like this….

I felt obligated to read (most of) the blogs and respond to all comments. Sometimes I wish that on an off week I could mark all as read and move on to the next week with a fresh start … I know I could (and in some cases you definitely should) but in my case, I feel obligated to comment since I received comments on my own. Am I even making sense? 

9. What’s your favourite place in the world? 

Currently Barbados. I lived there for two years and let me tell you guys it must be the most peaceful and beautiful place on the planet. A very close second is London. Love it. Check me back after my trip to Australia, although I know no matter how much I love it, its flaw would be distance from my friends and my home. 
10. What is the best “first” of yours that you can remember? 

HAHAHA my mother and sister both read this blog everyday, so Ill keep my answer pretty tame.

I loved my first car. A 2000 Toyota Corolla. 

11. What is the number one thing you’re working toward right now?

Two things tie for first place. I want to finish writing my book. I need to get working and I plan to write so much on vacation. Also, I want a new job. Fingers and toes crossed this one happens sooner than later.

Have a great Tuesday guys!



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