Hey its ok – Vol #2

I almost published this post without an introduction ha!

I’ve done a post like this before, it’s patterned after a regular series in Glamour magazine called ‘Hey its ok’. Again, the concept ain’t mine! I have always loved that series (just like the confessions in Cosmo) and so here I am today with another one. Clearly I love spilling my dirty laundry all over the blog … Sorry mum.

 to admit that you’re too busy to blog as much as you would like to sometimes. Many of you may not even know this because I don’t blog about it very often but I tutor at a University, am a full time lawyer, I’m currently in the second (and final year) of my masters programme, I’m writing a book … and I’m taking a month off all these to travel half fully across the world to see my wonderful seeester and my nephew, niece and bro-in-law. I had a lot of stuff to get done before I leave. And that’s ok, Ill have loads of time while on vacay to write and read all the blogs!

to be completely annoyed by the slew of emails that your tertiary level students send you asking you the stupidest things … “Miss R. am I supposed to type the assignment before I submit it” … No, type it after you submit … Better yet write the entire bloody thing on a stone and then stand in front of a mirror and throw that stone at yourself for asking silly bloody questions ... wtf do you think? wtf does that question even mean????? 

 to be writing a blog post when you have maybe one hour left to finish up that file that has been dragging you and your mood down for over a week. Procrastination. It’s my middle name.

to realize that the boy that you hang around, well you really don’t want to leave him for an entire month. Even though you all are just great friends, and you really should not get with him, and probably wont (long story), you will miss him the most (well apart from my daddy. And yes mum that boy … live with it).

to spill secrets like that on the blog even though your mum and sister reads it and man will the questions come … my phone will be ringing in 3… 2…1….

to get a new camera you didn’t originally plan on purchasing and then snap pictures of every single thing in sight! This weekend I took pictures of my mums plants, my dog (who lives with my parents), my car, the bed, the apartment … basically if it was in my eyesight, there is a picture of it. 

to go out for drinks with your bestie and your new young hot gynaecologist. haha ok maybe that’s not ok, but it sure is fun and not awkward at all … 

to watch YouTube videos of MacBooks for over an hour, because you cant wait to run into the apple store as soon as you touch down in the US to get yourself one … and an Iphone 6.

 To relish in the fact that on Friday night you will take the red eye flight to NYC and then straight to Boston for a couple days and in no time you will be in Australia cuddling your niece and nephew and life will be perfect. I might even watch Frozen, finally! 

Ill leave you guys with this quote I saw on Emily’s blog … I love it!!

Happy Tuesday-ing!!



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