Off to ..

Off to

By the time you are reading this I’ll be off to Australia, a journey across the world to see my sister. This post is actually scheduled to publish as my flight takes off. I love to travel!

I may not have mentioned this before but my mum’s brother is also a doctor in Australia and his daughter, my cousin, is getting married while I’m there. So many of my cousins from all around the world will be flying in for that wedding and I’m kinda (read: very) excited about it! It isn’t the main reason I’m going (this trip was planned before I even knew she would be getting married in October) but it sure is a perk. Ill mostly be in Newcastle, but will spend about a week in Sydney as well. On the way back Ill be spending a few days in the good old U.S.A …

I cant explain how excited I am for this trip. I hope to take a million photos and make even more memories. Its been a tough year and I truly need this trip and a break from everything.

See you on the flip …

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

I’m off to Australia!


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