Sorry not sorry.

It’s Wednesday!! I haven’t confessed in a little while because I was swamped with work and life, but I’m back on the ball. We are three days deep into September already and boy do I ever have some confessions. I may not have any readers after you guys read number 1 though …

Jumping right in …

1. Remember a few months back when the World Cup was in full swing and every blogger aside from me was COMPLAINING loudly on their blogs about how much they absolutely hated the World Cup and football in general (yes football because it shall never be called soccer on this blog … and because a foot actually touches a ball for 99.9% of the game). Remember? We all read the complaints of how much they “didn’t get it” or “didn’t care about it” or couldn’t understand the “hype” around the wonderful worldwide sport and “wished it would end” because “it’s going on forever” … you get my point. Well I apologize sincerely and profusely for the complete angst I felt while reading the complete disdain for my favourite sport. Because I feel the same right now. Three words: American. Football. season. 

2. I almost deleted that confession. But I didn’t. #sorrynotsorry

3. That said I actually have a cousin (my dad’s brother’s son) who was drafted to play for Penn State. He’s actually pretty good. So I guess #goPenn #orwhatever …

4. … you’re probably all shooting daggers at me so moving on … In 17 days when I leave for Australia I will be experiencing 3 seasons. I will leave the rainy season in my country, enter Fall in the U.S. and head to Australia where Winter is wrapping up and it is about to be Spring. Wrap your brain around that.

5. Tying into that, my uncle who lives in Australia once celebrated his birthday 3 times. He left Australia as his birthday was ended or had just ended, flew to Asia where it was ending and when he got to America, guess what day it was? Mind = blown

6. I missed confessing for the last couple weeks and I’m glad to be back and to read you guys posts… even if they are all filled with my #1 confession.

Have a great Wednesday everyone 🙂

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