Hey guys! Greetings from Oz! This post is more of an update on me, because although there have been posts on the blog, I have been largely MIA (for good reason). 

1. I’m still on vacation and loving it … My cousins wedding is next weekend in Sydney and I cant wait to share that and other Aussie adventures with you guys. The problem? See i bought a new cam and now allll of my pics are on said fancy cam …. and while I have taken some pics off the memory cards and put them into folders etc … its a MUCH longer process than snapping iPhone pictures and uploading them. And that is exactly why my last post was full of iPhone pics and I have not written any Aussie posts yet … it happens …. I’ll soon get to my recaps.

2. I’m fairly certain that as soon as i return home I will be getting a new design for the blog. I was already getting stir crazy with my own (I like change), but seeing everyone with new cute designs … now has me itching for a change.

3. I spent an obscene amount of money on the most amazing smelling candles for my apartment … Like, I won’t even say the price. I bought the candles at a lovely candle shop in the Hunter Valley in Newcastle Australia … and I do not regret it. In fact I cannot wait to try them. Candles people ….

4. I pet a freaking Koala (more on this to come) ….

(I posted a horrible similar pic on Instagram – both taken with the same iPhone – and now I want to delete it and post this one … ever happen to you? Ugh )

Short and sweet today … I have a lot of blogs to catch up on! 

Have a great Wednesday guys 🙂


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