Guest Post: Christina from Sold Out Arenas!

Well guys, I’m out of the US and in Aussie-land now! Once again while I’m gone, I have an awesome lady taking my place for the day. You know those times when you read a blog and you just click with the blogger instantly? Well that happened with me and Christina who blogs over at Sold out Arenas! She is funny and witty and insightful … Oh and she has the cutest son! Enough of my babbling, take it away Christina.

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I am so honored to be quest posting for Kay. Her and I are pretty much the same person, give or take about 10 inches in height and my lack of law knowledge. This is my first time guest posting and I could not be more honored. After all, Kay has been my inspiration more times then she will ever know. My blog is a complete mess and does not usually fit into any category. I make you laugh, I make you cry, I write poetry, I say nothing at all. Without further ado, I attempt to make you laugh while simultaneously provoking thought… (weirdo)


It is no secret that women have a more difficult life than that of men, (if men are reading this, my bad) it is pure science. From birth we are judged and judging one another based on things that really get you nowhere in life. I can remember all the way back to preschool when I first realized my life was going to be hard.

Little Sally Smartass and I were lined along the fence with the other kids, she looks at me as we are about to take off in a foot race and says “You are going to lose, you will never beat me.” I did not say a word. Why was Sally being such a grade A dirt butt? Needless to say, I smoked Ms. Smartass and everyone else in the race. I have 5 brothers therefore I understand that words mean nothing, action gets ish done in any physical competition.

From this moment forward I would attempt to navigate through girl world and make friends only to realize that being myself would not get me any “real friends”. At least not anytime before college. This is, of course not true for everyone. We moved from Colorado to Kentucky while I was in school and that changed everything. The culture in the Western half of the United States differs from that of the South. No hate intended of course. The judgments are different as well as the expectations.

I can not tell you how many times Fran Fartknocker pretended to be my friend because she wanted one of my brothers. Even worse, was when Tori Titface wanted my boyfriend when I was 14, took him, then we got into a fight 4 years later because “I talked to him when we were freshman.” What?


Around the time that I realized girls did not really want to be my friend I started my period. I was 12. Thanks world. Then I woke up one morning with Tits large enough to fill a ‘C’ cup and the boys all telling me that they must be fake and that I should show them to prove they were real. Do I look stupid? Uh no. I discovered that wearing two sports bras would smash them down because I played basketball and I do not want boys looking at my ‘fake boobs’.

After becoming an emotional psychopath during puberty, I figured out that hating oneself for purely physical reasons based off comments made by others was the norm. This, my friends, is still something that all women struggle with. It does not end when we grow up. It does not stop when you become Beyoncé. It is part of being a woman, in the United States. This is NOT healthy, and it NEEDS to change. With everything else, it starts with you, it starts with me, it starts with all of us. Lets dial back the criticism, let’s fall in love with that mirror and that terrifying face that you see when you accidentally open your reverse camera on your iPhone.


Blogging has brought me relationships with women that are more uplifting than I could have imagined. I come here for encouragement, I come here to share all of the craziness that is life. I come here because I know that I am not alone in being a freak for 5 days every month. I hope that I have not just dropped the stock on The Kay Times by writing this little ramble. If you think you like me than go ahead and stop by my little blog and read some irrelevant stories about my life.

Let’s all give Kay and air high five while she is on vacation because we miss her gorgeous face and do not understand why she let some crazy faced lady take over her blog. It’s been real! Much love. (sidenote: I proofread this post, so you know its real.)


Don’t forget to visit Christina’s blog 🙂 



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