I’m back baby …

Hey there blog … Are you guys still there? Trust me I’d totally understand if you left but …

Yup, after one week in the USA and four glorious weeks with my sister in Newcastle and Sydney Australia, I am back home. I fully had all intentions of blogging while away but man oh man was that ever hard. I had my niece, nephew and sister to love on and countless new experiences to bask in and my little ole’ blog took a back seat. I’m sorry, I really am, but I needed to take the break and enjoy those around me.

Also, some of you may know that I came home a few days early. I planned to stay and bask in all the glory that is Fall in NYC but alas I had some business to attend to. I had a presentation for my masters and more importantly Monday (literally the day after I landed) I had a HUGE interview for the biggest firm in the Caribbean. I literally had to change my flight. I do regret not seeing some of my bloggy peeps though and Ill be back to NYC soon to make that up to you folks (I’m looking at you Alyssa and Kari). I’ll update you guys as to the result of the interview … but I’ll say this, it was intense. Not sure about it at all.

As I was only back on Sunday, I haven’t even unpacked yet and so no photos are uploaded and therefore I have no real recap for you today, Ill say this I spent a week in Sydney, a glorious week and I loved it. My cousin lives there and had her wedding there and its defo a city I could live in. I also spent three lovely weeks in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley by my sister and my uncle and man, Ill admit, Australia is simply lovely. I see now why my sister loves it so much. I just wish it weren’t so darn far,

As for your posts…. I tried desperately to keep up. I know I missed a lot and I will check some of your posts out but guys… no one is safe I’m marking all as read. I cannot read over a thousand posts. Ill be back on my game as of today. My body is still adjusting to the time changes. I left Australia Saturday morning at 11am and got to LA at 8 am… then sprung forward in time as I flew to NYC then home. I’m a mess, trust me. And I had to go to an interview literally the next day, jet lagged and all.  But I’m back and ALLLLLL will be updated in due course. In several posts of course because I have a million pictures.

Thanks for being patient and for the emails and messages I’ve relieved while gone. I missed you guys, and my blog.

I’m back baby!!!

Have a great Tuesday guys!!! 


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