You have to start to be great!

Hey guys! Yup its me, you are not dreaming. And yes I am going against all I believe in and I’m posting on a Sunday (well its probably Saturday where you as I type this are but its Sunday here in Australia and I’m actually scheduling this post for for Sunday 12 am ATL standard time … although Sunday is on its way out here…. mind twister right there.)

My girl Alyssa along with the very inspirational Tracy came up with this great link up and I just knew I had to link up…. even though it is most certainly not Tuesday!

So what am I training for? Well let me start with a little back story. Earlier this year I promised one of my best friend’s Nadiya that I would run a race with her in September. A 5k. September has come and gone and I did not run said race. She did though, she always runs them. My sister is also a runner. And she currently runs 5k’s, 10k’s and half marathons. My deceased sister was also fit as a fiddle.

I do not however consider myself to be fit. And up until very recently I didn’t think I ‘qualified’ to be a runner. I have boobs and I’m basically a little person!! So I made goals to run, goals I did try to fulfill but had no motivation to … and because of that mindset its been a slow and painful process. 

What I needed was not a new body with smaller boobs and longer legs to be a runner, I needed a change in mindset….

So with that change in mindset, I have set a new goal with Nadiya … we are both running a 5k in January. Together. No excuses. And I’ll share my progress here.

Thankfully, I’m currently in Australia at my sister’s home and like I said, she is a runner and has been for a while. She went with me to a running shop just this week and I got my feet measured and sized and I purchased some Asics running shoes … in pink of course…

My feet look huge in this pic … they are size 5 (although 5.5 in sneaks to allow for running)

My current goeal is just like Alyssa’s and Tracy’s actually. I’d like to run one mile without stopping. I currently stop A LOT. But baby steps … Im giving myself loads of room for error but not allowing myself to quit. There are days when I wont feel to run and on those days I’ll walk but I wont allow myself to stop!

Thankfully right now my route is pretty scenic.. my sisters suburb looks like this … 

The neighbourhood is still surrounded by nature. In fact this pond and the woods near to it  (where kangaroos actually live) … quickly becoming my favourite route.

So new mindset, new goal and hopefully tons of support from you guys…. and I will run that race 🙂 And more importantly, I will run AFTER that race. I will be the runner I dream of being.

Anyway, I’m off to go catch up on some blogs before I take a quick afternoon run!

Have a great Sunday guys!!!

Linking up with sweet Alyssa and Tracy




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