Bachelorette weekend things …

Twice last week I left home at 6 am and didn’t leave work till 6pm … What a long week. I did manage to squeeze in some time with friends in between (I always do) but thank God for the weekend regardless. One of my dear friends and colleagues had her bachelorette weekend in Tobago this weekend. It was awesome and just what I needed.

We rented out a villa for two nights and three days and you can check it out here. Really though check out the pics!! It was a gorgeous villa and a great weekend. We ate. we drank and we were merry. Because my blog isn’t public knowledge and because 10 of the 12 girls at the villa were attorneys I cant share many pics. I know … booooo!!!

Night #1 was spent bar hopping and drinking. I should mention that on night #1 there was a little hiccup. I had to go to the police station because some wretched idiot hit my car rearview mirror (I took my car on a ferry to Tobago) and the glass fell off and broke. Not to worry … two car loads of attorneys, one trip to the police station and one fully legal promissory note admitting liability and promising to compensate me in FULL for my mirror (drafted in 10 minutes – I have the greatest friends), signed and witnessed in the presence of the police and we were on our way to the bars … I almost feel sorry for the dude. He didn’t stand a bloody chance.

 Night #2 was the actual bachy party … strippers et al!

The tanks we wore on the night of the actual bachy party!

Fruit bowls we made. Yummo

Some granola/yogurt snacks … ignore the background haha

Setting up a makeshift “bar”

Me and my one of my girlies… my face looks so gosh darn FAT!

Bachy night makeup … lets roll

And that was my weekend! Back to my work grind. I have some more long days this week but hopefully its an easy, less stressful week than the last. Ill say it again, Thank God for this weekend … and for non-boyfriends who will fix your car mirror for you so you don’t have to worry about it 🙂

Have a great day guys!!


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