Firsts and Lasts …

I haven’t posted a lot since I have returned and today is the reason why. 

Have you ever contemplated firsts and lasts? Its a funny thing. The first time you experience something you know you are experiencing it, but you never know when the last time is. 

Today is 11/11. Growing up 11/11 always meant something special to my family. It is my sister’s birthday… She was once 11 on the 11th day of the 11th month … It was pretty cool! November 11th 2013 was the last birthday I spent with her. But I didn’t know it. (You can read here and here for that story… my sister passed away earlier this year from a kidney disease) November 11, 2014 … well its the first birthday without her. And I’m very aware of it. 

Kerry (Kerks) Happy Birthday … I know you are smiling down on me. I miss you, mum and dad miss you, Kar, Paul and the kiddos miss you and your fiancé … well he’s a mess without you. Everytime my clock strikes 11:11, Ill know its you and everytime I look at your ring around my neck, Ill feel you! My angel, Rest in perfect Peace. 

I’ll catch myself soon guys 🙂

Have a blessed 11/11 … it truly is a special date 🙂 



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