Friday Faves!

It’s been a while since I came on here and shared my favourite things of the week. And truth be told I missed it. These are some of my favourite posts to write. On another note, look who is posting two days in a row! I feel like that deserves a standing ovation. Tumbleweeds be gone! 

Ok on to my fave things of the week …

Fave Moment

It has rained non stop all week here. I mean every single day morning to bedtime it has been raining. FOR DAYS. Its probably the rainiest rainy season I’ve experienced in a while. I know its not cold and snowy but it still sucks. So I’m reminiscing on my lovely weekend away in Tobago at my friend’s bachelorette party. 

Fave Show

I’m writing this post just after watching Scandal. If you don’t watch Scandal … you missed out. Too bad this was the winter finale. Now I have to wait until January to get over the major cliffhanger that was that last episode. 

Fave Buy

This really sshouldn’t even be a category this week. I had to purchase a suitcase (on top of the suitcases I already had) on my way back from US/Oz because I bought that many clothes/stuff. Still, could resist purchasing this early last week. It’s no secret I had a rough week last week and that called for retail therapy. After I bought it I noticed my girl Emily bought one as well. Great minds think alike 😀

Fave Quote

Fave Blog Posts

This post by Tracy gave me so much inspiration to run this week. Sometimes I just need to remember to push myself!

And this post by Alyssa just blew me away. So much writing talent.

Fave Funnies

Fave Song

I’m not sure why I like this song. At first it was annoying and then it became catchy and now … I like it. I’m not feeling the video though. Still pretty catchy.

Happy Friday Guys!!!



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