Influenster: Venus #ItsNotMe VoxBox

** I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Well look who’s posting on the blog three days in a row. And on a Saturday no less… Times are a changing folks. Anyway, its for good reason, and that good reason being another Influentster Voxbox!

I was pretty stoked when I found out I was getting to review this particular Influenster item. The item being the Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor. I’m a girl so naturally razors are part of my every day life. I’ve mentioned before that I do not shave my legs but I do shave under my arms and *ehem* other places fairly regularly. *totes awks* The point is that as women we use razors a lot. So this item could not be more appreciated.

Website Description:

The website description of the product: 

The perfect match for sensitive skin. experience a closer shave and less irritation* with 5 curve-hugging blades and 8 times more glide boosters. 

Discover why Venus is the #1 razor brand used by dermatologists.

  • Protective Ribbon of Moisture with 8 times more glide boosters and a touch of aloe for glide*
  • 5-blades spaced closer together for a close shave and reduced pressure per blade**
  • Dermatologist tested for sensitive skin
  • Easy-to-change cartridge


The razor came in a box, which when opened revealed the cute casing that held the base of the razor, two replaceable blades and a suction for the shower. That suction is pretty convenient if you ask me.

I’ve used this razor a couple times now and I have to say, I love this razor. Its practical, and it really is suitable to sensitive skin. It left my underarm feeling pretty silky and the shave was pretty close, just the way I like it! I’m sure that it would be just as good on the legs, for all you leg shavers out there. 

And for the record, I’m very particular about my razors because I actually do have sensitive skin that runs throughout my family. If I didn’t like this razor I would have no problem saying so. It worked and I just might switch to this razor permanently. The good part is that the blades are affordable and you can pick them up literally anywhere. 

For good measure … I  took a crooked picture of it hanging up in my shower! 

You’re welcome for all this awkwardness!

Have a Great weekend guys!!



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