Off to…

First off thank you sweet hunnies for your lovely words on my last post. Man I cant lie you guys made me cry. I really am touched!

But as sucky as this week was I have a lovely weekend to look forward to.

This evening I head off to Tobago for a bachelorette weekend (not mine … le duh). Just in time. Just what the doc ordered. When I get back I will be relaxed and jump right back into it. I am already working on posts to schedule. I still have so much of Australia to share… even though I’ve been back over two weeks now and you guys are probs no longer interested! haha Also Ill be back to Friday faves next week!!

Thanks again guys … now excuse me while I lay next to a pool drinking for the next two days!

** sidenote: I am in the market for a new blog design…. to give me some inspiration …. Im open to suggestions on good designers. I know I can do it myself I did my first design but I am too lazy at the moment. Soooooo leave me a note on who you suggest 🙂 

Have a great weekend guys!!!


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