Sexy accents … and pogo sticks.

Hey guys, I hope your Thanksgiving went well! I cannot wait to read about it. It’s Black Friday … and the sales online are insane! Since yesterday was uneventful for me I thought I’d share an article that had me (and my friends) in stitches.

Recently, CNN ranked the Trinidadian accent (my accent) the 11th sexiest/hottest accent in the world (although it is #1 on the Facebook page where people vote). So I’m gonna go ahead and assume that my sexy got turned up a notch with the release of this list! Go CNN!

Anyway, I was listening to a morning radio show, which is how I came to find out in the first place, and they were laughing about CNN’S description of our accent. So you know I just had to check it out. Guys … I kid you not, this is the description that the world renowned news source CNN gave of my accent:

“11. Trinidadian

Famous tongues: Nicki Minaj, Billy Ocean

For fetishists of oddball sexuality, the Caribbean island of Trinidad offers an undulating, melodic gumbo of pan-African, French, Spanish, Creole and Hindi dialects that, when adapted for English, can be sex on a pogo stick.

Sounds like: A rubber life raft bobbing on a sea of steel drums

So. much. wrong…. or right? I can’t stop laughing.

I literally cannot stop laughing … 

First of all, I don’t quite know what the frick frack they are trying to say. It’s true that we do have a mixture of all those accents because of our history and the people who came to dwell here, but what do they mean “when adapted for English”  … And can we talk about the “sex on a pogo stick” comment? #ded I have to say CNN … that doesn’t sound very comfortable or fun … and how on earth does it describe an accent? And what does “a rubber life raft bobbing on a sea of steel drums” sound like?? No really .. please visualize a rubber life raft… now visualize it on a sea of steel drums. #WUT

I genuinely cannot stop laughing. Ill say this… I think the author of said article was a little intoxicated (and probably needs to get laid) because there were some other sexual gems written about other accents as well. I give you my favourite gems:

  • The Irish accent ranked #7 and the author described it as Fluid and uplifting, it can swing from vulnerable to threatening over the course of a sentence, restoring your faith in the world again … right before it stabs you with a broken bottle top.”  #wut
  • The Argentine accent ranked #13 and dude says it sounds likeA tightly tuned guitar of G-strings strummed by a lamb shank #Icannot
  • The Italian accent ranked #1 and it was described as Insatiable, predatory and possessive, this is sex as a second language.” …. again … #wut

You guys just have to read this article.You are welcome for the laugh.

Now I’m off to go spend money online…. 

Its Black Friday!



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