Training for Tuesday!

Hey guys, the week is flying by and for you folk with Thanksgiving this week I’m sure you’re happy. I wish that were me honestly … if only for the day off. But no such luck over here.

Anyway, it’s the last Tuesday of the month so I’m here to talk about my training. You know know for that 5k I’m supposed to be running in January? Well about that …. *crickets*

The story goes something like this. In Australia, I was pumped. I spent a whole month with my sister and her husband both of whom run half and full marathons (my brother in law actually has a marathon next week)! Naturally while I was there I was all like this:

All the runs …

Lets forward to the present day shall we? I got back home to  HUGE raise in salary (yay me) and a f*@&* tonne more work. Slap my masters on to that, the fact that I tutor at a university, actually try to maintain an active social life … and for good measure lets throw in the fact that November pretty much sucked dirty balls (excusez mon français) … and well lets just say I didn’t get much running done. In fact what I did get was 5 pounds and a whole lot of this:

The cat’s tail is actually moving … look at him go … so yeah lets just subtract the moving tail and yup that’s me.

You know what I also got? A whole lot of excuses!!! Like the ones up there! In spite of the fact that I am busy so are many others. I actually hate to hear people complain about being soooooooo busy. People are running countries and finding time to go to the gym. What the heck is my problem over here? What really got me down I think is my first attempt at a run two weeks ago. I was burnt out in 2 minutes. That’s not a lot of running and let me tell you I was completely beat. There was just no finishing it, I had to walk! So yes, the excuses have since piled up. 

Can I wake up an hour earlier to take a run? Yes, but I don’t do it. Can I go to the gym late at night and get a run on a treadmill? Yup … again … the excuses show up. 

Truth be told, I am certainly not happy with where I am at right now and I know I have to push myself beyond my comfort zone but the motivation is close to zero. And frankly that’s when you need to push. I said a whole lot but it boils down to one thing, I feel like I’m failing at something I actually love to do. Something I actually feel good doing. And that simply needs to change.

So the plan: I will run this week and every week for the rest of the year. And I will put the excuses aside. I need to get my butt in gear and no excuses will work this time around. Honestly, I read Tracy’s post last week and felt so inspired to just drop everything and take a run. I think I’ll read it again and take a run this evening 🙂

I’ll leave you guys with this quote that has inspired me for years. I usually remember this quote when I have a hard day at work or school or I’m just having a rough go at life. But thinking about it … it pretty much applies to my running as well. 

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Have a great Tuesday guys! 



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