Australia: Tour of Newcastle

Hey guys its Monday!! Hope everyone’s weekend was ok. Most of you are probably just getting over your Thanksgiving food comas… Man I wish that was me! Anyhoosle … I have about 3 Aussie posts left so I thought I’d skip a weekend recap post (it was a pretty tame weekend anyway) and post an Australia recap today and the other two later this week because …. these are a lot of recaps and I have other stuff lined up!

Although my sis took my mum and I all around Newcastle, we decided to take an official tour because the week after this one we were headed to Sydney for a bit. My mum had been to Newcastle several times but had never taken the official tour. It was a fun girls day and we had an absolute blast!

The actual city of Newcastle is a small but beautiful old coal mining city. A good portion of it was actually destroyed in a 1989 earthquake. It’s since been rebuilt and is now a mixture of old and new, but the old definitely shines through. The city is stunning and the skies were a bit mesmerizing.

Ill be honest, because we were in a tour bus most of my photos were blurry so most of the ones Im posting are of my mum posing! haha! 

Tour of Newcastle

Obligatory selfie … 

Walk on the pier before heading on to the bus! 

My mum is so cute…

The tour bus!

Newcastle is famous for its coal mining … the tour guide passed around pics of old vessels carrying coal.

Some old buildings we passed …

While heading up to a lighthouse we saw one of the coal vessels

Famous Newie lighthouse

I asked an older lady on the bus to snap a pic of me and my mum… we almost didn’t make the pic! haha … she was sweet though!

Pictures up by the lighthouse … those skies!!!

Always in black …

How was your weekend???



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