Christmas and the weekend!

And just like that Christmas is over! I mean that was quick …

I took the week off work last week and spent it at home with my parents. It was lovely being pampered for those few days. Christmas was quiet for us but a lot better than anticipated. The good food and being with my people was just what the doctor ordered. I didn’t take a lot of pics though and those that I did take … well they weren’t taken with the fancy cam I bought before I went to Australia, they taken with my grainy Iphone 4s … aka they suck.

Oh and it wouldn’t be Christmas in my country without some black cake/rum cake for dessert …


Like I said in this post, I asked for no gifts but I’m thankful to my parents who have decided to pay my graduate school fees for next semester (my last semester). Best. gift. ever. Masters aren’t cheap yo! I’m blessed with some gems for parents that’s for sure. I seriously could not be more thankful that they are my parents.

Although I asked for no gifts, I did get myself a gift. Or rather, I ordered myself a gift on Christmas day … See those grainy photos up there? No more my friends because I ordered myself this beauty:

Iphone 6 in space grey? Yes please. I cannot wait for it to arrive! I didn’t buy the 5 or 5s when they came out so I think this is totally deserved.

The rest of the weekend was quiet and I spent most of it asleep or reading if I’m honest … which I needed desperately. Trust me, I needed it. Two of my close friends got engaged and those two announcements were the highlight of my weekend. Oh and my nails. I did my nails… My real nails are long but not this long … I completely forgot how hard it is to type with long nails …

And that’s all she wrote. Another Christmas is over! Today it’s back to work and tomorrow I’m taking the day off before the new year. I still cannot believe Christmas is done and 2015 starts next week! Crazy!

Have a great Monday!!!



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