Ten tips for a beginner runner!

Hi guys!!! Can I tell you how much I still miss confessions posts on a Wednesday? Also a big Hallelujah for me finishing my exam yesterday and taking the stitches out of my mouth from my dental surgery. Clearly yesterday was a good day!!!

Since we’re no longer confessing, I thought I’d share some tips for beginner runners like myself. Now … I aint no expert on running. Like the title says, I am myself a beginner. Also, I am well aware that you can find a million tips for running online. Still, there are some things that I was told personally by runners and some things I wasn’t told and learned on my own that I thought I’d compile into a list and throw it out there.

ten tips for a beginner runner

1. Start – Like I said in this post … In order to be great you have to start. If you want to run, don’t just talk about it. Actually do it! I also think this is a pretty apt saying:

2. Get on a schedule – A few weeks ago when I wrote this post, I decided to get on a schedule. I turned to google and found several 8 week running programs or programs tailored to your specific needs. Ultimately though, I turned to my Nike running app and I’m using the coach to train me. Its working and its simple and easy to use. 

3. Get good gear – As a new runner not only is good gear important for the actual running, but if you are like me it will give you motivation to get out there and run!! When I was in Australia I snagged some pretty cute asics running kicks. Its good to go get fitted for proper shoes and the cuter the better. Alyssa and my sister told me that early on and I’m so glad I listened. I also have a Polar watch and while in the US I bought me some heavy duty sports bras … because boobs. 

4. Look up local running clubs – Self explanatory. There are running clubs in my country where you can train with persons in the club, be notified of races etc. 

5. Get a running buddy or a buddy who runs – Honestly I don’t have a buddy I actually run with. Most of my friends actually run. Both my best female and male friend run! Still, I prefer to run at my own pace so I run alone. So why is this a point on my list? When you have friends that run, you have friends that motivate you to run and help keep you accountable. So even if you don’t want to run with someone, tell them your plans so they can check up on you!

6. Run, but if you cant run, walk – This is something I needed to learn early on. Thanks again to both my sis and Alyssa (and my nike app) for letting me know walking in between running … perfectly ok! 

7. Make small goals – I feel like this one ties into the one above and maybe I should have put it higher up on this list. Listen, when you first start to run … you are not going to run a marathon. You wont even be able to run a 5k! Your body needs to get accustomed to running so just let your body do that! Lawd … this was one of the first lessons I needed to be slapped with. Patience is a virtue I do not possess but you better believe you need it if you want to be a runner! 

8. Make sure you eat – Ok this one may be completely wrong so you real runners out there let me know!! But on the days that you are running, you have got to eat. Do not starve yourself. I was hardcore dieting the other day and nearly passed the hell out on a treadmill. You want to lose weight , I get it, I do too … but you have got to eat. Thank me later. 

9. Water, water, water – this is a natural follow up to the one above. I feel like this is common sense but something no one told me. Keep hydrated before and after a run. You and your body needs it!

10. Don’t give up! – self explanatory and probably should be number one since its the one thing I am prone to do after a bad day of running. 


I love running, and me thinks I will love it forevs and evs. Do you have any other tips?

Tomorrow is my work Christmas lunch and Ill be eating …. and running it off in the evening!

Have a great Wednesday guys!!



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