Tooth Surgery: The wuss chronicles …

Well it’s Thursday (technically Wednesday night as I type this) and I have not read a blog since Tuesday. I have been laid up in bed after having one. Yup just one wisdom tooth surgically extracted. 

PS. Please note that the above photo was only inserted so that my crazy swollen mug would not be the picture that appears next to this post in your bloglovin feeds. You guys didnt need that image before you clicked the post. You are welcome. 

Back to the surgery … I was originally supposed to extract both wisdom teeth on the left and return to extract both on the right. When I got to the dentist with my mama, he checked me out and told me that the bottom wisdom teeth would both be really tedious surgically extractions and if left there is a high risk for infection. He also told me it was my choice, but he advised that I wait to extract the top because they would be easier to extract if they grew out more. I should mention that my top wisdom teeth, while there is no space for them were growing straight but the bottom were growing horizontally and causing all kinds of issues below the gum. Because I was chosing not to be sedated (I should have chosen this option and gotten all out), I chose to extract the more serious bottom tooth now and the next one at at later date.  

The surgery involved cutting into my gum and bone because that sucker was all kinds of jacked up under my gum. There was drilling, there was me literally smelling my bone being cut and there was a lot of me wanting to just not be there. About an hour after that horrific experience I took a selfie and I looked (and felt) like this:

How cute … I sent my sister that picture and she specifically told me “oh my that is not blogworthy”. Apparently it is! haha … It also was VERY painful! So painful that this wuss may have shed a tear. Or five.

And if you think that’s bad. Just you wait!

The next morning (Wednesday) I woke up in a lot less pain so to myself “Myself, today will be a good day!” … then I went to the mirror and saw this mug staring back at me …. 

I’d say #nofilter … except I did add a filter to try to make this pic a little more bearable. So the filter was a #failure … and why are my lips twice their normal size? So many questions …

Yes I look like a truck ran over me… twice… and yes I really just uploaded the most hideous photo I have of myself on the internet. Headtie included. Real life over here people! As I type this I still look like a chipmunk, but thankfully I am not in much pain anymore. I dont know what I would have done if I had extracted two! 

I am also not so sure about extracting any more teeth. Those suckers better find space to grow … To be honest I’m now taking it all in stride and having a good laugh at my puffy cheek and lazy eye!  So much so that I thought you should have a laugh too!

In other news my little Aussie nephew graduated from kindergarten and he is just too cute not to share. They told him to make a face for the second photo. Isn’t he just adorbs? 🙂

Love that boy!! 

Have a great Thursday everyone!!



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