Training for Tuesday on a Wednesday!

Hey guys … Its Wednesday already and tomorrow is a new year. Holy what???

So yesterday was the last Tuesday of the month and Training for Tuesday day … but work and life kept my brain too busy to blog so Wednesday it is!! It’s time for a running update!!

I’ve been running but mostly at the gym and this is so mainly because of convenience. I have made extreme progress and no longer get tired after one minute!!! That is cause for a celebration in my book. I’m actually able to run a good 15 minutes without breaking stride. Now, I’ll be honest and say I did take a break for over a week thanks to the holidays so I may eat these words when I try to run on Friday my first day back and my first for the year. We’ll see!

On the race front …. The race I was supposed to run with my bestie in January is still on but my bestie received word that she has to go to Peru for a year. While that means that I have Peru on my travel agenda now (yay me), it also means that I’m unsure if I’ll run the race. I’ve never run one and I don’t want to do it alone. Not just yet. But … I’ll update you guys if I do decide to. There are other races coming up and other people to run with so all is not lost!

That also doesn’t mean I will stop running though. Not by a long shot! I love it and it’s part of my life now. Most importantly it helps clear my head from the stress of day to day life! In 2015 I have some major goals to revamp my life and fitness. I’m not one for resolution, as I’ve said before, doable goals I can do!

* Run at least 3 times a week – ideally four
* Street run (or run at the University close to me with awesome fields lol)
* Enter some races
* Get a running buddy (already on this one)
* Track my progress and blog it to keep me accountable
* Have fun running!

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Happy Wednesday!! 
I cannot believe tomorrow is a new year!


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