A day in my life!

There were no confessions posts on the blog yesterday. It’s a good thing I had planned a day in the life post for today (and took pics all day – so weird) because this post should excuse my blog absence yesterday … because Tuesday (the day I’m sharing) was nuts!

Jumping right in …

5:52 AM – Alarm sounds for the first time. I have an “urgent” meeting with the bossman at 7 so I needed to be up early.  I usually get up at 6:20 … with tons of backup alarms. Sidetone: The meetings are always “urgent” and yet never urgent at all. Snooze

I actually took this pic last night. The early alarm is set because I had another early day today … FML

6:10 AM – I’m up Mr. Snooze button. I head straight to the shower. 

6:30 AM – I’m showered with 5 minute makeup. I still look spiffy, a black suit will do that … I head to the blender and quickly make a shake. I’m aware that its 6:30 but it takes 5 minutes … Ill clean up later. 

6:40 AM – Out the door and into the car with my shake. I drink it on the way … The journey between my apartment and work on a night or not during rush hour takes 20 minutes. I should be on time right? WRONG. Because this:

Yes we drive on the right … 

The light was on red as I took the pic but it was bumper to bumper all the way down. Traffic from east to west on a morning where I live is MURDER. Still its better than if i left at 7 am … I would have taken over an hour! Boss calls while Im on my way. Of course he does.

7:20 AM – arrived at work … late. “Urgent” meeting begins … and spoiler … it wasn’t urgent. But what it lacked in urgency, it made up for in length. SHOOT ME.

8:45 AM – Ok I’m at my desk now. I decide to read a couple of blogs before tackling a file.

9:30 AM – Ok time to do some work … Its a tough file to crack.

The perfectionist in me feels the need to explain that this is an older file hence its horrid condition …

9:42 AM – I’m thirsty. File is still unopened btw because a co-worker stopped to ask a question about a case she was dealing with. Since I’m on a diet and can’t drink coffee … the next best thing will have to do …

My brother in law is Jamaican and he gave me that cup. I love it!

9:46 AM – Oh wait … I have not spoken to my mum or dad all morning!! Gotta fix that and maybe read a few more blogs … file be gone.

I took this pic later in the day – remembering to take pics is a pain …

10:30 AM – Ok really now its time to tackle that God awful file … and work till lunch!

12:30 PM – I hunger. So much hunger that I forgot to take a picture of the stupid lunch. Lamb and lettuce was the dish of choice. Grass … its all I eat these days.

12:30 PM – 5PM – File tackled – ish … court for about 1 hour during that time … I forgot to document times. Main point is  – IT’S HANDLED. Heading home to change in about 2.5 minutes for a run.

6 PM – Met up with my friend Alvin for a run.

6:56 PM – Run/walk over. Legs are jello. I head to the grocery straight after my run to pick up baby carrots and cucumbers.

7:22 PM – Home. Shower. I smell.

7:40 PM – Oh Christ I’m hungry but I’m on a diet and don’t wanna make anything. Good thing I went to the grocery … and had hummus.

8 PM – Finished up some work while the TV watched me on mute.

9: 09 PM – Read some blogs and sent out some emails to the students I tutor at the University.

10:00 PM – I make another shake and gulp it. Ain’t nobody got time to sip. I watch some Youtube videos and chat with my friend Nadiya who left for Peru that very morning. (Sidetone: miss her to bitsies). 

10:32 PM – FIDDLESTICKS!!!! I forgot I have to draft something for tomorrow morning. Work mode. Why am I an attorney again? – Its a good thing I love it! I’m tired from my run sighs. There will be no confessions tomorrow. Clearly.

1 AM – FML I have to be up in 5 hours. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And that wasn’t close to a busy day. One meeting, one file, one court matter and I chose a day where my only afterwork activity was running and not heading out for a drink, masters classes etc. A fairly simple day! I’ll do a stressful one on another day … if I get time to document it.

Have a great Thursday guys!!!



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