A renewed vigour

It’s Monday and I really should be recapping my weekend but since nothing really special happened this weekend it will probably take two lines to do so. Case in point – On Saturday I spent the day with the parents (love them) and on Sunday I did work (what’s new) and spent the rest of the day washing, drying, steaming and twisting the locs … it takes hourssssssssss of my life.

But like I said, it was uneventful so I decided to ramble today.

I rarely ever come on my blog and just write. Write for writing sake. You know? That a bloody shame because isn’t that the purpose of the blog? Well its how I intended it anyway, but we all know finding a blogging purpose can be a little difficult. Post for another day. This post is about me writing.

I’ve always written. Since I was a child, I’ve written. Countless short stories and poems have seen the trash can and countless more are stored for future use. I excelled in writing in school and before I studied law I did an English degree (English and History double major if we’re being technical). I was convinced I would be a writer one day. A dream I still cling to with every fibre of my being. I love writing, but for a minute there I hit a slump. The slump was called 2014 and while I’m not even going to revisit all the reasons 2014 sucked, I will say the loss of a family member and a long term relationship will suck the life right out of you.

For the longest time, I would look at the page and just not write. Or I would have no focus to do so as my brain would be all over the place. As it is sometimes. I must also factor in the fact that I have a full time job and I’m doing my masters, both of which take up way too much of my free time. For a moment there, I shuddered to even say I write because I couldn’t actually … write.

That quote right there … a true story. I had to realize that it was ok to have some downtime, but it was time to pick myself back up … yanno … if I actually want that publishes author dream to be a reality. On my trip to Australia in September/October, I found a little time to write and a little renewed purpose. And today that drive is bigger than anything and I thought I would put it out there on the blog as a reminder if you will.

I intend for my first baby, which I began writing a few years to be born this year… or at least it will finish cooking (longest pregnancy evah). I need to keep myself accountable though so I will be writing more about it. Not too much because … real talk … writing about writing is weird and I know its probably a snoozefest for many of you reading. But I am so pumped I just had to shout it out loud write it.

That’s it. That’s all I had to say … I have a renewed vigour to complete what I began. A novel. And complete I shall.

If you read this ramble … kudos… if you just looked at my first pic … yes my hair is long. Either way, I hope you had a great weekend 😀

Have a great Monday!!!


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