Beauty wish list

Its Tuesday and at the time I am writing this I should be in my bed, but I’m not because i was looking  at Youtube videos on make-up which is what inspired this post. I have a beauty wish list a mile long … but I will not allow myself to buy any of it right now …

Let me explain. In the latter part of 2014 my wallet/bank account took some major hits. For example, I traveled to the US and Australia, I bought a Sony DSC camera, 18″ rims for my car,  a Macbook Pro (love it), an iPhone 6, a Filofax … and I’m not even counting the oodles of money I spent while shopping on my trips… I basically changed my entire wardrobe. I say all this to say … I ain’t spending no money no time soon … grammatically incorrect statement for emphasis only of course. I like my money in the bank, even though the evidence says otherwise, and so the makeup I want will just have to go on a wish list for the time being. Enter this post … my beauty wish list because a wish is all it will be for a while….


Left to right: MAC Creme d’nude and MAC Myth

I’ve been eyeing these two nude colours for a while now and one day they shall be mine. I have nude lipsticks but until I can find a lip colour that stays on my lip like MAC does, these will be on my wish list.


Mac Bronzing Powder

My MAC bronzer is finished and while I can and so use the drugstore bronzer that I do have, I’d like to replace it! 

Eye shadow Palletes:

Left to Right: Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 2

Yes I know I’m super late to this party, but I still own neither and I still want both. If I had to choose though, it would be the Lorac Pro. The natural tones in that palette just appeal to me more, but they both are really nice!


NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

I actually don’t have a setting spray at the moment and I’ve heard that this one is good. Too bad it has to wait!

Also on my list are some make-up brushes – In particular foundation brushes and powder brushes. Also earlier tonight Shelby told me about an Almay eyebrow pencil and I want it … like yesterday. sighs.

Ok so maybe this list isn’t a mile long. But since I’m on a ban from myself, it is to me. Maybe I will gift myself some of them each month, who knows, but for right now this is what I want but will not allow myself to have?

Anyone else have themselves on a spending ban??

Have a great Tuesday guys!!



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