Hump Day already. Jumping right in to some confessions … 

1. I posted on Friday that I was planning to make a shrimp stir fry…. and I did. And it was yummy. So so yummy. This is an almost done but in progress pic. Guys … so yummy!! Did I mention yummy? #patsselfonback

2. I was cleaning out my wallet at work and I found this old card from my friend Whitney that she gave me ages ago. I confess I might have teared up. Little things. Whitney is my girl for life!!

3. Speaking of Whitney … I confess I get a thrill out of tearing people up in Words with friends. Even sweet girlies like Whitney!

4. I’ve been on a battle to lose the lbs that I’ve gained in 2014 because that was just as shitfest of a year. Soooo … I have not been drinking at all. I miss my wine. Like miss it! Not sure why I’m doing this to myself .. after all … 

5. My planner. I love it. I know I’ve posted my Erin Condren on here before but it just wasn’t practical for work. This one I can take to work without too many judgmental stares ha! I use it very practically aka not too many stickers etc .. but I love how I’ve made it … pretty 😀

finsbury rasberry

6. I have so much work to do this week I almost just skipped this week of blogging altogether. But I’m here. I’m showing up. Because I love this space. I really do!

Have a great day guys!


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