Dude … its 2015

Dude .. it’s 2015… 


No really …

I cannot lie. I was so ready to be done with 2014. Seriously, To 2014:

It was my worst year to date. No exaggeration. I lost my sister at the beginning of the year and got out of a long relationship (3 plus years) … aka the worst heartache I have ever felt. While I did travel quite a bit (I went to four US states and Australia), I’d honestly have given those things up in a heartbeat to get back what I lost. Let me be clear … This isnt a downer post! I’ve had enough of those! This is about looking forward. I’m proclaiming that this year I will have an awesome year recap for you about all the great things 2015 did for me.

I know I know… 2015 doesn’t magically erase 2014. Nothing ever could. However, the symbolic starting of a new chapter, a fresh new page and a brand new season of being is not lost on me! I’ve never been more excited to leave a year behind and I’m looking forward to a greater and better 2015 for my life, for my family, for my blog and for you guys! 

To all my blog buddies … Have a wonderful 2015!!! I wish you nothing but blessings in this new year. 

Happy 2015

We’re gonna rock the ish of out this year!!



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