Faves of the week

Friday guys! As usual I should be in my bed when I’m drafting this post, so this will be a pretty quick one. This week was full! Full of work, of emotions … everything. Thankfully it flew by, but I still have a busy Saturday ahead of me. I have to judge a mooting competition (mock court room for students) on Saturday morning. I won’t complain though because its still the weekend and so maybe I can convince my body to get some sleep at some point.

Anyhoosle, I’m pretty sure you clicked the link to read my faves and not to hear me ramble so hear ya go…

Fave TV show:

The bachelor is farmer Chris y’all! This show is just tragically funny at this point. It keeps getting worse, yet I keep watching to see who is there for all “the right reasons”. Im hooked, so feel free to judge me.

Fave links:

Guys, I read a lot of magazines and sometimes the stories slay me. This week in People magazine I read some interesting articles:

  • There was one story about a woman who cut off her husband’s *ehem* penis not once but twice. You can find it here. Thank me later. It’s really not funny … yet it is.
  • And we all love a feel good story. Again in People magazine there was an article about a man who delivered flowers to 60,000 hospital patients. Find it here.
  • And do you want to see a 61 year old woman pole dance? Yup click here.

Fave Blog posts:

Blog posts I loved this week:

  • This post by Amy really hit the spot for me. It’s all about weight loss and eating healthy and the mindset you have to have.
  • This post by Christina was hilarious and true. Things you can do instead of being upset or angry? Yes please.

Fave recipe:

This is a super simple and easy recipe I found on pinterest for a shrimp stir fry. I am eating healthy these days and plan on making this today or tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Find the recipe here

Fave Funnies:

How cute is this?? I mean …

My worst nightmare …

Its a good thing I’m not drinking these days (being healthy and all) because …

The after Christmas living debacle …

Fave song:

Might be the silliest song on the planet … but the beat in my car. Yes!

Have a great Weekend guys!!! 



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