Friday Faves

How is it the 9th of January already? Wasn’t it just Christmas?? Seriously though … time flies. I’m writing this post in the middle of the night as I am doing work to meet a deadline for today so all typos are courtesy pure exhaustion … and an overdose of coffee.

But let’s jump in!

Fave moment:

I sound like a broken record but my fave moment would have to be receiving my new phone. It’s love plain and simple. No more 4s with blurry pics. My fancy can might never see the light of day again. Kidding. I think.

My other favorite moment is playing “words with friends” with my sissy in Australia! She is a beast at this game and the only person who routinely beats me. Our games tend to look like this:

Shortly after taking that screenshot I attempted to open up the game and she played a 65 point word that blew me out of the water. Typical we play 100+ point words regularly .. or she does anyway! Haha

Fave show:

The book club book for this month is Orange is the new black. I already finished it and decided to jump into watching the actual show (spoiler – soooo different). I might have binge watched every episode in the last week while I should have been tending to the mass amounts of work I have to do. The new season needs to start like yesterday.

Fave recipe:

I love soup! Emily posted this recipe on her blog and I want to try it soooo bad! One day soon!

Fave makeup:

I bought this MAC Diva lipstick while in Boston in September and I barely used it. This week at a night out I tried it and loved it. I didn’t take any pics but for the deep red lipstick lover this is a must try. (PS I don’t even love red lipstick so if I love this it has to be good).

Fave quotes:

Fave funnies:

Fave song:

Who would have ever thought we would see the day where I link a Taylor Swift song. Dear Lord …

That was a long one! Phew. 

Happy Friday everyone. Cheers to the weekend!



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