It’s literally been forever since I’ve confessed. I missed it …

Jumping right in.

1. I use the word literally entirely too much. I know I confessed this before … but really. It needs to stop.

2. I know i said this yesterday … but I got my iPhone over the weekend and I’m uh-bsessed. I love it even if I’m terrified that I drop it! Got me all giddy this week.

3. School traffic started back this week and it’s driving me crazy! The traffic, slow driving, and taking a whole extra half hour to get to work makes for a very very grumpy Kay. This is basically my face all the way to work …

4. I have made no New Years resolutions. I do have things I want to do this year, but no resolutions were made. I admire those who can make resolutions and stick to them or not be bothered when they break them … I really do. I just prefer shorter term goals that I won’t forget in a month. I know myself too well!

5. I’m getting a new blog design soon and I cannot wait! More giddy dancing!!!

Thats all I got for you this Wednesday!!

Have a great Wednesday guys!!!


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