Scandal is back and other faves

I don’t know about you but I am PUMPED that it’s the weekend! I mean I haven’t looked forward to a weekend in a long time, I usually work on a weekend and this one I plan to do minimal to zero work. In fact I have plans for tonight and maybe tomorrow and Sunday. But definitely tonight … its going down.

On to some faves of the week!

Fave Moment

This week was pretty average but I found out I have a work trip at the end of next month for three days. It ain’t no secret that I love a plane ride and paid by work? Hells yeah!!!

This moment hasn’t come yet but I’m pretty pumped to head out on the town tonight. This woman needs a break… and a vodka soda … because calories. 

Fave show

I mean … self explanatory! My favourite show on the planet (along with Suits) is back. And last night’s episode was awesome from minute one to the end. I love this show!!!!!!!! I might have overtweeted about it (on my none blog twitter – I really need to merge them because two twitters is a pain in the bum)

Fave listen

Serial the podcast Season #1

I’m a big fan of podcasts for the gym/running/car driving. I may or may not have binge listened to all of serial the podcast in the last week while in traffic on the way to and from work! The lawyer in me was all “Noooo Sarah you’re analysing that wrong” or “Sarah why are you overlooking that”… I was way too into it. If you need a good distraction from traffic, download Serial and listen. Its awesome.

Fave recipe

found here

I actually already made my own version of this. I baked a sweet potato. But instead I used feta cheese on top and I grilled fish for my protein! I do plan on making it with steak though so the recipe remains a fave.

Fave Funnies 

Convos with my friend Stacy …

Me when I see a lizard:

To my future husband… I don’t react well to slow internet:

Sigh … lazy mornings:

too cute:


Fave Song

And that’s it!! Hope everyone has a great fantastic weekend. I know I will!!

Have a great Friday!!



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