Where did my weekend go??? And January for that matter. I had a nice weekend but it was a picture-less weekend so as I type this I have no clue how this post is going to go. Ha!

First things first. Two really important people in my life had birthdays this weekend. Get this, they had their birthdays on the same date but on different days. Mind warp… My nephew and bestie Nads (who is in Peru) both had birthdays on the 18th. Since my nephew is in Australia, his birthday was actually on the 17th my time. It still trips me out. Check out this cake that my sister and her husband made from scratch!

I wouldn’t even know how to begin to make that cake. Remember I burn cookies made from a pack mix … the domestic gene must have not made it down to me …

Anyway isn’t he the cutest 5 year old ever?? Love my little Aussie boy!

And some pics from his birthday party!

Moving on to what I actually did this weekend. On Friday my friend Stacy came over to spend the night and we had a blast … No pictures but I’m fairly certain I woke my neighbours up with our laughter… whoops. On Saturday morning at 8 am I judged a practice moot (mock courtroom /debate for law students). I was an avid mooter in law school and even went to India to represent my school in a mooting competition. These students are practising for an Environmental law mooting competition in Washington in two weeks … and man do they need more practice …

Anyhoosles, Saturday evening was spent chilling with Stacy and doing some work. I also had this salad:

It may not look like much but … it was so yum. 

Sunday I did a juice cleanse (which continues today actually) and so I spent the day … hungry. I also did some work because I have a lot of deadlines this week. Bleh .. it got done and I got rest as well so it was a win win. 

It was a full weekend but also a boring weekend weekend to blog about because of my lack of pictures. Rest, work, happiness.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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