A facelift and random goodness.

Hold on … don’t click that little “x”. You are in the right place, I just gave the blog a little facelift. First of all, I know its Monday and while I looooooove to write my weekend posts, I sucked at taking pictures for the second week in a row. So you get me rambling about the blog facelift and some random goodness instead. Also I rambled in list format because … sleepy.
*So yeah… about the facelift. I love it! Lisette seriously did a great job in giving me the simple, clean and sleek look I wanted. No more lines. I was feeling too confined. I did love my old one … but boredom struck and this one makes me all shades of happy! Do you like???

* I also updated my existing pages and added new ones. I spent hours updating them and I love them! Go check them out if you have a chance 😀

Anyone listened to or currently listening to Serial the Podcast? Ok … I know I have waxed poetic about this podcast enough but there is an update!!! If you google it like a lunatic, or read celebrity gossip sites like yours truly, (fact: I first read this on TMZ), then you would know that Adnan Syed, the convict that Serial is based upon, scored a huge “victory” last Friday when his motion to appeal got approved aka his appeal has been reopened and he has a shot of overturning his conviction! Serial peeps know what I mean when I say … I hope they pick this story back up in some future Serial podcasts!!

*I told my brother (my deceased sister’s bf/fiance) about the blog when we were speaking on the phone yesterday. He was so excited and proceeded to go read some posts. I got all kinds of nervous because I don’t know what the reaction of IRL friends will be to the blog. He said he loved it! *blush* In any event, I’m fairly certain he’s going to read it everyday. Hi Brent! Love you!

*I am going to post the recipe for a Caribbean dish this week. I have never posted a recipe of my own so this is new. Technically its my mum’s recipe since she wrote it out for me to actually post. Like … with actual measurements. Thank God for mummy because otherwise the recipe would be “throw some of this and that … and stir …”.

Enough ramblings for one day? I think so! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. And tell me if you like the new look!

Have a Great Monday!!


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