Another week has gone!

I had plans to post every day this week and then yesterday I crapped out and didn’t show up to the blog. It happens I guess. Anyway it’s Friday again and another weekend is at my doorstep … all the raised hand emoji’s for the weekend and 2015, please slow down!

Time for the Faves of the week!

Fave moment

I have two favourite moments this week. The first was when Lisette sent me a mock up for the new blog design. I mean … the girl is talented and patient! I’m a little picky lets say that. This blog is going to look so cute really soon. Heck if you read this post really late, it might be up …

The second fave moment – My boss, whom I love, took me to lunch yesterday … we had good laughs and good fun and sometimes those little things make working so hard all worth it. #truth #whydoiusehashtagsinblogposts.

Fave Blog post

Tracy posted this post this week about a text that her husband sent to her. The message was “dont let your mind be the thing that defeats you!” Boom. Best advice ever! I mean sometimes you read blog posts and comment and move one. And then sometimes, one strikes you, like it was meant for you to read. I genuinely think I needed that advice and honestly am so glad that I read that post on that day when mind insisted on defeating me. This just might me my quote for the year!

Fave recipe

I’m on a cooking kick lately. So I was just scrolling through Pinterest this week looking for some inspiration for something healthy to cook and stumbled upon Cauliflower “bread”. Mind blown. I need to make this and If I actually make it, I swear I’ll actually do a cooking/recipe post.

Find it here

Fave Video

I cannot stop looking at this video. Animals are really the best!!

Fave Funnies

Too cute… and tragic ha!

Hashtag truth

I suck at numbers … unless its money and then I can count …

Dear Coca Cola … Krystal can also be spelt with a “K”

No in between…

Have a Great Weekend!

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