Happy Wednesday!! These days are seriously flying by. Its mid week and almost mid February. Anyway, since it’s mid-week, I’m supposed to post confessions, but frankly I only have one confession today. Naturally, this will be a short post.

So I can be lazy.

I did something on Monday that was so ridiculous it is worthy of documenting, because clearly I like embarrassing myself. I should preface this entire story by saying that it only seemed ridiculous after the lazy fact. So … I bought a case of water as per the norm and put it in the car. I usually schlep this case up the one flight of stairs that lead to my apartment because I no longer have the live in boyfriend to take said water up to the apartment. Anyhoo, I was feeling a bit beat after work on Monday, so I left the case of water in the car. See … I figured I had enough water in the fridge to last me through the night (remember I drink a gallon a day) and I’d just take it out of the car in the morning. Easy Peasy. But … alas … I only had one bottle of water in my apartment. One. bottle. Total bummer! I needed water stat!

So what did Kay do? Did she:

a. go down the one flight of stairs and bring up the case of water?

b. pick up her car keys, walk down the stairs, jump in the car, click the remote to the gate, drive to a shop like 2 mins away and buy 3 loose bottles of water because ain’t nobody got time to schlep a case full of water up the stairs after a long day.

If you chose B, you’re a smart cookie (or you figured it out by the title of this post). Either way you are right. 


My neighbour (who laughed hysterically at me might I add) pointed out that I could have just taken water out of the case and brought it upstairs. I guess I’m lazy and stupid because that didn’t even occur to me.

We all have our days right?

Have a great Hump Day!!


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