Friday Favourites

This was a good week. Two flips of a coin and the week was over though and that means the weekend is here and I can sleep. Disclaimer: I’m drafting and posting this in the middle of the night because I was chatting with my girlie Nads who is in Peru #priorities. Let’s just hope there are no typos. Getting straight into my favourite happenings of the week.

Fave Moment

Realizing that I lost more weight … and also realizing that my work trip is next week. I head to Tobago for 3 whole nights. I mean its a 25 minute flight so not a far trip but still, its a trip and a hotel, a pool, free food and evening walks on a beach. Yup as soon as my work day ends while I’m on that trip … this will be me:

Fave Podcasts

I have a confession. I read and love Lauren Conrad’s blog and this week she, or whoever blogs for her gave some awesome podcast options in this post.

I’m particularly loving This American Life which Serial is based off of, but which I never before listened to. 

Fave Recipe 

I’ve been pinning more than usual lately, particularly to my “healthy eats” board and that’s because I am cooking more healthy stuff and because I am not eating wheat (gluten intolerance) and need alternatives. I’ve found some really good stuff!

Recipe here

Loving the look of these patties and can’t wait to make it!

Fave Tweet

Even if I was conflicted before … Now officially #TeamAmber 😉

Fave Funnies

Coffee lovers will get this!

Anyone wanna pay me to travel for a living?

Still no takers? 

Love me some Sheldon!

Fave Song 

I’m feeling song … yes Kanye is in it … yes I still like it.

Have a Great Friday!!


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