Happy Birthday TKT!

One year ago today, tonight really, I randomly opened a blog page and started to write. And what I wrote can be only be considered to be the most ridiculous first blog post ever. But I wrote it and I published it and this baby of mine was born. I’ll be honest, I almost forgot this blogiversary. I knew it was soon but didn’t realize it was today. I only happened to remember because I created a FB page last week (yup I bit that bullet) and went on it and saw the “date founded” was the 23rd. Damn all those pics of the weekend that I took, because this calls for an actual post. A post about how TKT came to be!

My baby is ONE!!! They grow up so fast! *tear*

* I attempted to start a blog on January 1 2014 on WordPress.com. The name of it was “Black Suits and Champagne Flutes”. Go head… I’ll wait while you laugh at the name. I never published a post and deleted it all but I still love the name. I’m a black suit (attorney) and I love champagne but you can well imagine the shit show it was to get social media names for that gem. Also, TKT suits me better.

*But how did blogging even come to my mind? My relationship of many years was on the rocks and my sister was gravely ill and those were the main reasons I was looking for some escape … A new escape. One night I was watching house hunters (as I usually do) and this couple in Texas was house hunting and the wife was a blogger. She flashed her blog name on the TV screen and being the stalker researcher that I am, I immediately googled “The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart”. That was the beginning of blog reading and loving for me. From her blog, I found more blogs … blogs more my speed. Fact: I still read and love The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart every time Ruthie posts, but I have never commented (I dont think). When I first found her she was a newlywed and new home owner and now she’s expecting baby #2 and has the cutest son evah! I will never not read her blog. 

* The first name of this blog wasn’t TKT. It was “Simply Kay”. Then I thought that name sounded cliche and by post number 7 I nixed that name and TKT was officially born. Fun fact: when I changed the name I went back and edited the last paragraph of the first post so it would match the name and now I wish I left it. I feel like I messed with history. Anyhoo, for shits and giggles I thought I’d include a screen cap of what Simply Kay looked like for the first 7 posts:

I “designed” it myself. Can we talk about the god awful “stealth picture”…. 

No wonder I got zero comments at that time.

* By the time I wrote my first post I had read a lot about blogging in general. I like to research clearly. So after lots of research the main reason “Simply Kay” didn’t stick was because I would have to have different social media names.  If you have ever read a “So you want to start a blog then ermahgerd you just have got to follow these steps or it will FAIL” post, then you know that’s a no no. I could have “The Kay Times” on every form of social media… And I snatched them all (except FB till last week)! Looking back… I could have done #whatthehellevah I wanted to. Failure is not based on social media names. Trust.

* I’m fully aware that “The Kay Times” makes no logical sense. It’s a play on the New York Times/ Sunday times/ every other newspaper Times. I love journalism and seriously considered a career as one for some time, so I thought why not. It stuck.

* I didn’t think I would have any readers or followers for obvious reasons. This isn’t a US blog. I’m thankful I was welcomed and accepted by all! The first time I got a comment … the excitement was real! Legit did a jig and errything.

I love this blog and I love the people I’ve met from this blog. I hope the second of TKT would be even more fulfilling that the first. I plan to grow it a little bit while still remaining … Me. Which I think is important. So at the risk of this sounding like an Oscar speech (great show last night), I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has stuck around my sometimes rocky journey of life. 2014 was a complete shit show, I lost my sister less than a month after writing my first post and I lost my boyfriend a few weeks after that. You guys, however, still read me … I’m grateful. I’ll keep blogging about the up and downs and I hope you keep sticking around!

Because I forgot about the blogiversary, I forgot to coordinate a giveaway. I will have one on this blog soon though. Just as a thank you! 🙂

Have a great Monday!!!


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